November 3: No Pliny today

I am travelling without my books, and my Daily Reading Guide link can't possibly be right: I was assured that I was to get a ringside seat to Christian persecution, but instead I find letters from Pliny to Trajan about stuff like what the interest rates should be; interesting, in a way -- if only because it gives me the sense that the Christians were just another in a long line of pains in the ass to the provincial governor -- but, in another and more realistic way, completely uninteresting.

Tomorrow we will return with stirring tales from the French drama that couldn't be less relevant to the election.

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Lisa Simeone said...

Thank god. I desperately need stirring tales from French drama as I am so nervous I can barely think. We know this election belongs to Obama. But what if something happens? How much fraud might take place?

(Hope wherever you're traveling, it's fun, and you've already voted!)