OT: You know you're in Los Angeles when

1. You get mail from the "Gregory Peck Reading Series" from the LA Public Library.

2. You open the envelope and the top third of the mailer says "Presents Robert Wagner and Jill St-John"

3. You unfold the mailer and it says, "Reading from A.R. Gurney's Play "Love Letters."

But of course. I can't help thinking that there are two random actors checking a book out of the L.A. Public Library right now who you'd rather see doing this; and besides, I think of "Love Letters" as something you see a poster for at a playhouse in a summer resort, with people from, like, "Law & Order" in one or both of the roles. It's actually kind of surprising it hasn't been made fun of in passing on "The Simpsons."

I confess to knowing nothing about the play, however. Is it any good? Why don't you ever see it done with a gay couple? Wouldn't more people show up if "Love Letters" was being read by George Takei and, say, Richard Chamberlain? Is it because the plot hinges on something like, I don't know, breast augmentation? (I've been in Hollywood too long.)

So many questions. So little interest in looking up the answers myself.

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