Another sick-out

I'm actually not that sick, just tired from a long day's driving, and completely uninspired by today's pudding-like translation of Faust (click the link and see for yourself, but do not read this translation and drive). It can take some energy to dig up a take when none presents itself.

I often ask myself why I'm doing this; the closest thing I can compare it to is another midlife project, training to run a marathon -- similarly useless, but something nice to look back on having done. So today's a day when I'm cutting my miles short.

I will note that I read Faust for a German class I took in college, very poorly I might add, and that me and a couple of other guys in the back row became outraged when we discovered that Faust gets redeemed at the end, merely for striving. It still pisses me off, although I'm not sure why -- I'm usually not so sensitive about the sanctity of contracts.

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