Open for bidness

This blog's been private because I wanted to make sure I could do it for two weeks before I let anyone else witness my progress. And I'm still going to feel like a public fuckup if and when I finally run out of steam. But maybe that's just the stick I need -- "she would've been a good woman if there'd been someone there to shoot her every minute of her life," etc. (a personal motto).

I've been characteristically haphazard about providing links to the daily readings, but you're two clicks away from them if you click here. Of course it won't have that old book smell like I get, but maybe the Glade people have done something about that.

And, to quote again from my favorite piece of writing in the Harvard Classics -- the reading guide itself --
"The Harvard Classics are 'all things to all men'. They are universal in their appeal and universal in their power to bestow pleasure, self satisfaction and the joy of mental growth to each man, woman and child with impartiality and in infinite variety."
To which I say: 1) This may be an early documented instance of something from Harvard bestowing self-satisfaction, and 2) "to every...child"? Even the Rousseau?

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