Jan 8: Trying The Patience Of Job

Okay then, today we go to the bottom shelf…Volume 44, Sacred Writings 1, pp. 71-87: “See how each succeeding affliction visited on Job shook the depths of his nature, and how he survived.” We’re out of the anniversaries temporarily – I had half-expected to read, “Job born on this date 4000 B.C.”)

Why is Sacred Writings volume 44, anyway? Wouldn’t you expect it to be closer to the front, old-school style? Why is anything in the Harvard Classics, anyway? (A subject for further investigation.)

I am reluctant to write anything about the Book of Job, there’s been so much written. It’s not exactly new territory, although it’s always good to refresh oneself, I guess, in God’s capriciousness.

Although in 1:13-19, I think it would have been funny if the messengers who alone escaped to tell Job all keeled over with heart attacks.

What is a “potsherd” (2:7), anyway? Let’s look it up…it’s a piece of broken pottery, useful in scratching, I suppose.

Hey, this is the origin of “A mighty wind” (8:2) – lots of other stuff, too, but it’s nice to know that Christopher Guest has his roots in the classics.

Our passage ends with Job complai

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