A few sentences of purpose

For no other reason than a vague desire for self-improvement I have decided to delve into one of the forgotten monuments of American self-improvement, the Harvard Classics -- specifically my great-grandfather's 1930 edition, which was passed down to my father god knows when. It lived in a bookcase in the upstairs hall all my life, and then, when I moved into this house in 2000, I had it moved into a bookcase in my upstairs hall (under glass, no less). There it has stayed, except for one brief period.

I actually doubt I will complete this project and so this blog is private for the moment, because I don't want to fuck up so grandly in semi-public. However, as we go along, maybe something will come of it. We'll see.

My project is not this project, by the way. I'm just doing the 15-minute a day version that will allow me, a humble working man (on strike), to become one with the group of truly educated men and women.